Re-imagining 21st century climate institutions

Authors: Morgan Bazilian, James Cameron & Brindusa Fidanza

Date: February 21st 2012

Climate Change Capital“Every December in recent memory the negotiations on climate change serve to raise public expectations of a “global deal”. And every year the outcomes fall short of this unreasonable expectation. Despite a valiant effort at the latest Conference of the Parties (to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Durban to reset the climate change rules – and they did succeed in narrowing the divide between developed and developing countries to a certain extent – a cooperative agreement was still not achieved. Rather, a(nother) new roadmap was developed to this end, and with it an onslaught of attendant pundit opinions on the nuances of the terms political-agreement or legally-binding. And yet, the threat of climate change remains un-diminished, despite what the (still existing) sceptics attempt to persuade us. Scientists, and most recently the International Energy Agency, are warning that continuing on the current path of emissions will take us into dangerous, irreversible, unchartered territory – and that now getting off that path is looking more and more unlikely. Something needs to change.”

Read full article here

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